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Hi i'm looking for some information on how much it costs for a taxi from ibiza airport into san antonio. Ive been to ibiza twice before but have always had airport transfers arranged, this time I need to find a taxi to the hotel. Any advice on how much a taxi from the airport into san an would cost would be much appreciated.

depends what time of day you land on costs.but normal is anything from 25 to 30 euro;s as a guide.all depends of taffic as well.are you in the bay or town area.they are not set prices you see.on meters.

.there is a bus thats runs to san an from airport.number 9.i heard its only about 2,50 euro one goes passed a number of hotels in san bay and its not like a direct services to say bus station.but check when you get there on busstop i think it might stop running end of this month.

but taxi is always nicer door to door.