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I got a taxi from figuretas to airport and was watching the meter and it was about 13 euro but then he pressed a button and it magically turned to 15? I didn't bother questioning as was just happy to get to the airport and was just couple of euros still bit worse for wear I even gave him a tip as always feel obliged to tip in that place for some reason prob to not seem like cheapskate even though you're getting fleeced already. Suppose not as bad as the hackney carriage prick charging me a tenner to go two miles home wish I knew the company. Tbh I don't even trust the local supermarkets in Ibiza the ones that don't give receipts but you can't be bothered to question when had a few. Some of the bars seem to charge random prices as well but I'm a paranoid effer already as it is. So yh question is what's the score with the meters is it common occurrence for tourists to be taken advantage of there? They seem somewhat resentful of your presence in certain situations but overall friendly people in Ibiza albeit possibly fake friendliness. The taxi drivers unless reputable company in UK almost always take the piss I've decided to stop being nice guy and get militant with these cnuts.
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Makes me realise how good a service we have in the UK in general where you pay for what you get and tips aren't expected you take it for granted in this green and pleasant land


Supplements to the final meter price are added due to different factors, airport pick up or drop off being one of them. I also pay them in mainland Spain so it's not something unique here.


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I would imagine that Spain’s contract law is very similar to the UK.

Before getting in the taxi/ordering a drink/shopping at the small shop, maybe ask “How much is XYZ?”

You could then make an offer for the full asking price, or less if you are unhappy with it.

See if they accept, if they do then a simple contract is formed.