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I have just been reading the thread on Ibiza Taxis & worried about getting one on Monday 28th Sept at noon.

Has anyone here used a taxi from the airport to Portinatx. What was the cost??

What bugs me is the cost of transfers on Ibiza, we have been quoted £34 for two people one -way by shuttle bus, our flight from Liverpool is £58 for two.
WE are going to Benidorm in November & the Shuttle from the airport is £38 for FOUR,RETURN!!!

Thank you
happily for benidorm shuttlers they have 12 months to make enough to live on for a year. their ibiza counterparts have 6 months work (if they're lucky) to survive the year.

it's a bit like why does a pint cost 8 quid at wembley stadium when in wetherspoons in whitechapel it's 75p? two different places!
anyway taxi is around 30 to 35 euro oneway.lots of taxis outside don;t worry.if non there they pull up very next answer to your question as been given
Man, those Portinatix buses are nearly non existent! If you don't mind spending a little time in Ibiza town you could get a bus there from the airport, then get the 3PM bus and save some Euro.

Also, Alpharooms quoted 37E each way for a taxi (as opposed to shuttle bus) from the airport to Portinatix in their transfers section. You could also splurge on a limo or a hummer but those were in the 100s.
Hi All,

Thanks for your replies.

While I understand that profit has to be made during 6 months, I still think that the shuttle bus is very expensive @ euro 37 compared to a taxi costing the same, or have I got it wrong somewhere?

Good idea on a bus to Ibiza Town, as I would like to look around, I will have to think about it, also my wife may prefer going straight to Portinatx & go to Ibiza Town another day.


I meant to add that I think you will find that the quote from Alpharooms on a taxi to Portinatx is per person. Which again makes you feel that if you don't watch it you will get ripped off.

bus number 10 from airport to ibizatown.but messing about with cases ect and may be a long day traveling go to rersort first.

but like said Portinatix buses are rare far and few really have to plan you day out.and don;t miss the bus either way.

i would treat yourselfs to a taxi both ways.that way you not wating for a bus to come back.,and can leave when you time to check in.

what most do is check hotels in resort for coach pick up time for your flight.if going with tui/thomas cook....and get a taxi 20 mins before the bus is do to pick them up.
The prices are still silly at the moment, But it may be worth a look at a hire car closer to your dates, By the way the season has gone, I would think there will be a few spare at the end of September :)
Have a good one
yes that best thing to do airport to airport.that way you can have a few trips out of loads on bus fares .and what you would of spent on taxis you will only need to add a little more to cover costs.

don;t be put of driving in ibiza.its easy really.
Hi All.

The reason I want a one-way to Portinatx is that I have booked a car hire for the last 3 days, picking up the car in Portinatx & dropping off at the airport. The cost is approx £70 & with the saving on the transfer it will only cost me an extra £36 for the 3 days hire.

I would get a taxi from the airport, but I always worry about getting a taxis, as some go long way round etc., my worry comes from the fact I never use taxis.

I would love to hear from someone who as actually used the taxi from the airport & how much they were charged. I have read on other forums that the charge could be euros 50.

Taxi`s are good here (when you can get them) Always "on the meter" and I do not know of anyone ever being taken "the long way round"

Have a good one
Hi Woodruffe.

I did read your original post & thought that the quote you gave was a guess, as someone else had advised euros 50, hence my confusion.

Have you used a taxi to Portinatx?

no but a couple of years ago i did the same 4 day job.but did not have a car from airport.i was staying in Sant Miquel which is next door.this was 3 am and i think i paid 33 euro;s but gave him 35.i would say your looking at anything from 30 to 38.ibiza is only 15 k by 35 k.

and your resort is the right at the other end of roads make it faster now to get to resort and out from airport roads.should take only 20 mins.nice ride.enjoy the views.bit of a bendy road when you turn off into resort.

map looks big but island is very small

just don;t drink when you have your car.ok have the odd one if you having a meal out.but don;t go over the top.limit is very low.keep your speed down to level of road.tip is to drive like a mad man.if any trouble shout english honk your horn.don;t forget one hand out of window with fag will find that the locals drive abit slower than we do most of the time.relaxed.and they cannot get used to need eyes in the back of your head sometimes.
enjoy it its fun and a far better way to get around.i love it.
Hi Woodruffe.

Thanks for the advise.

My wife will be doing all the driving as I have an injury to my arm,so it will be ok for me to have a drink. Lucky me!

My latest thoughts on my transfer to Portinatx is that I will leave the decision until I arrive.
Our luggage is only carry on, if we are tired we will get a taxi, or we might get the airport No10 to town have a look round and catch the No20 bus at 3.00pm as suggested by Paris400. & doing it this way will save us Euros 25.

We will see.

well if only hand that to find which bus stop the bus pulls up to.look at the bustops when you get of airport might have to walk up the road to check.station is just a street with bustops apart from the main will have to get a ticket before you get on.either at a little kiosk or in the main office i am not sure never got that bus.but saving 25 euro is good.
Hope it all works out for you and you save the 25 euro. Like Woodruffe said, the stop is on the street - I think with a couple of hours you could possibly walk up to D'alt Vila and find a nice little restaurant and then do some shopping before your bus. Glad to be of assistance!!
Update ........

I contacted the Ibiza Tourist office as to the bus times as I had found 2 websites Ibizabus & Eivissabus giving different bus times.

They replied & gave me the Eivissa bus times which confirms that the No 20 bus leaves the bus station at 13.00hrs for Portinatx.
With my flight landing at 12.05 & not having to wait for luggage I might be able to catch the No 10 from the airport & catch the No 20 at 13.00.

For interest the No 10 fare is Euros 3 pp & the No 20 is 2.70 pp

Woodruffe... Hope you have a great time & have fabulous weather!!!!!