Tall Paul


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What type of music should I be expecting from Tall Paul this weekend? I haven't heard him in about 3 years....

alot of people on this board do not like tall paul, personally i really like him, he normally plays trance, progressive trance stylee.....enjoy!!!
as the exception to the dont like tall paul rule i'd say he is a trancey bugger, party stylee. plenty of big tunes with a side order of cheese (but not too much).
Wow! Another person from San Diego! Hello to you Pachagirl79! I am from San Diego too! Nice to meet you! :D

As far as Tall Paul I can't say. Never seen him. I have one mixed CD by him that is quite cheesy, but I am not going to judge him by that. I must see a DJ live a few times before I make a judgement! :D
Thanks people, I'm assuming from the responses above that I should be expecting a lot of messed up punks (younger kids) with glowsticks.
Oh what fun, she said sarcastically... :confused:
I guess I shouldn't complain its a free evening but I have a good feeling that I'm going to end up planting myself on a couch and falling asleep. 8)

Got to agree Beeb....what is it with glowsticks? Reminds me of Kevin and Perry! Perhaps he's changed his name from Tall Paul to Eye-ball Paul. If it's free though, you can't complain.....not unless you are involved in a freak glowstick accident.
I'll let you know on Monday if I'm attacked by the glow stick mob.....hopefully not, but who knows could make for an interesting night....
sometime ago i heard that deep dish were angry because tall paul "stole" their remix?! anybody knows something about this?
anyway, deep dish are ingenious, and according to all you guys, tall pall is as well...
Hi Susie! Yep, my boyfriend Pastrami and I are in La Jolla. Tall Paul is off the hook, you must see him. I will be seeing his friend Judge Jules down the street at Club Montage that night... I'm hoping Paul will come over and visit Jules after his set! How sick would that be? :eek:
yes...i would have to agree with pacha girl....tall paul is amazing live! His music and his appearance will get u moving....only reason y im not going to see him is because broadway shuts down at 130 :( . Id prefer to go to montage which is open til 4 and get hammered on $2 u call its :p