take me to the clouds above

Jam Man

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Managed to get hold of a white label with what sounds like Whitney Houston (maybe not) singing....

There's a boy, I know
He's the one I dream of
Looks into, my eyes
Takes me to the clouds above

Over a U2 bassline

It was played at the Garlands party at Kanya and I happened upon the vinyl in a shop but still don't know who it's by. Mrs Jam loves it so an artis and title would be cool :)
One of my fave tunes.....propper garlands tune, been massive in Liverpool all summer and before!
I heard that at the Garlands Party at Kanya too, i fink the lyrics are old aint they? never heard of it b4. Like it tho cuz With or without you (the track in background) is one of my fave non clubby tunes.

Shame didnt see you Stuart, we were stood on the beach tho out the way of everyone :p