take advanatage



if thats right

if you are traverling to ibiza on an 18 to 30's package. pick your nights well
as they have added a couple of good ones.

the following being.

hed kandi at el davino 18 to 30's will take you to the pre party at coastline as well.
tonic after partie at space.
helter skelter @ es parasis on sunday

the following should be sleft alone. rnb/garage heaven at summum and gold at summum to small to hot. over priced.

go on the boat crusie wicked day.

hope this is of some use to you all
Yer i went on helter skelter @ es Paradis , tonic @ space , Pams house @ eden with 18 - 30's good nights out 8)
glad you enjoyed them

some recomendations if your going with escapades

do the bar crawles they start at 9 and finish @ about 1 use that a a pre club warm up

the boat cruise is wicked !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so is the water party @ es paradise

mind you every single club night with escapades ends up being @ eden ?????????????? nice club but you won want to go there every day !!!
went on the cruise with escapades with this really funny northern bloke....bernard manning style humour but very quick!!!

did you do the beach games after??? a bit tacky but still a good laff!! bought the video, but wasnt even in it cuz didnt get up to do the running round the pole after downing champagne etc
Escapades events are more or less the same as the 18-30's but without the attitude problem that the 18-30's reps tend to have.Plus they dont lock you in a room until you've sat down with someone to who'll try and sell them to you.

Went on a mad bar crawl before Eden in 2001 and went on the cruise. Was ok to be honest, probaly better to go along with it on your first year until you get to know the island a bit and know where to go etc.