tabaco prices


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looks like all tabaco will go up in ibiza unless its gone up already.from the bebidorm site and looking at eurotabaco site.roll up as gone up by 13 if you smoke just take a bit more to cover prices gone up.
L&M`s have gone up from €2.50 to €2.85 per pack, Still not UK nearly 6 quid for a pack of Embo NO1:eek:

Have a good one
In Playa Den Bossa in May I paid about 26 euros (I think) for 200 Lucky Strike and same for 200 Fortuna. Really cheap brands weren't much less, maybe 24 euros, and expensive brands like Marlboro etc were about 30 euros. Does that sound about in line with what everyone else is finding?
yes i remember that.did not last long.looks like people were buying other brands instead.mayfair was the same 25 then 29 and back to everything you buy these days.if it goes up too buy another brand.they soon get the message.
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yes i think we all know that by now.ok just for a top up if you thought you case was over weight.thats all.
Hi all just back from Cala Llonga, I got 200 Superking Blue for 23.50 Euros and the same for 200 Richmond ----- works out to just over £2.00 per pack which is a great saving on english prices!!