Swear words


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f***, tits, bollocks, c***.
Is this web site *bleeping* all swear words?
Not complaining...just wondered why *bleeps* keep appearing everywhere.
Yeah! I've noticed this started to happen some days ago.
It must be a new policy in the forum, but I think there are censored words which doesn't have any bad intention.
family friendly is how the site should be ;-)

but i'll have a look and see if all of them are necessary
James, is there a way to leave SOME of the letters in, so that us 'grown ups' know what folks are on about but 'young people' will be none the wiser?
i've allowed lots of words again. i mean gay really isn't harmful (i downloaded this list from somewhere and didn't bother checking the all ;) )


give me an example of a what you mean. if the word isn't too harsh i'll allow it 'cryptically'