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Why do we continue to attach any significance to supposed swear words?

Why or how can use of certain words cause offence to any sane person?

It makes me soooo cross. We were taught from a very early age at school;

"Sticks and stones will break my bones but calling me names won't hurt me"

Yet it's also drilled into youngsters how bad and evil swearing is!

Reason for my post?

Just had a blazing row with the misus as I used the word bullsh*t in front of my 4yo boy:spank:
Have to agree with you there (sorry missus)...parenting these days so often teaches kids ways to behave, 'parrot fashion' in order to be socially accepted on the surface.

Kids need to be given the space to feel and honour emotions so they can form their own truths and ideas of morality, not told what to say in order to be seen to be balanced individuals by Mr & Mrs Perfect down the road.

- but in the defense of your Missus - she's gonna have a much easier life if your kid doesn't suddenly shout, "BULL$HIT!" at a teacher in class. :lol:

Disclaimer = I'd probably be a $hit parent so ignore everything I say.
We have a 4 year old.

I'm with your Mrs on this subject.

Use of language is important for an impressionable youngster. Not just the subject of swearing, but vocabulary in general.

If they understand where and when to use certain words and expressions at this age, including emphasis, context and the impression that their "choice" of words will leave on others, they stand more chance of being articulate adults.

Sorry, just my opinion.
I'm with you on the point of vocabulary. I love him learning new 'tricky words' each week and the use of phonics is a quantum leap since my early schools days. Likewise I would be horrified if he were to use a 'bad word' at school.

I was making the point that we as a society attach taboo status to certain words for no plausible reason. I am not a big user of swear words in public (anyone with a hidden mic in my home office (outside in the garage away from prying ears) might think I have tourettes though when things go wrong!!

If we didn't make an issue of the various swear words, they would simply wither and die?

We have made up since I started this reply :lol::lol::lol:
Glad you made up :lol:

Your point about tourettes can be almost valid though......

Kids copy their elders, parents, role models and even younger ones will mimic and copy their elder sibling(s), not just in language, even simple acts in everyday life.

Therefore, if they see an adult, parent, brother etc. swearing in a time of pressure they will quickly pick this up and very quickly there's a young child who has been "programmed" to swear.

If you were exposed to frequent swearing in your formative years, maybe this explains why there's an involuntary reaction to swear, almost to the point where it can't be controlled.

...Or this could be utter fcuking sh1te and I'm talking a load of bullocks... :lol:

For the record;

I don't swear in front of my children, save for using the word bs yesterday.

I only use one box of wet wipes to clean my monitor of spittle each day and would not consider this excessive.......

If for the next six months there was a nationwide; "Lets stop attaching any meaning to swear words", they would become a more or less meaningless collection of letters imho.

Many years ago I was mad on The Beatles and John Lennon. I bought a Lennon single at the time; "Working Class Hero" (contained a couple of swear words). First time I played it whilst my dad was in the house he went nuts and told me my record player would be confiscated if I played it again when he was in the house, strangely became one of my favourite singles! I resorted to repeatedly playing number 9 from the white album thereafter....