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For the past summer Sven Vath, as he always does, travelled to Ibiza quite some times. Fullfilling the dreams of many partypeople giving them the ultimate technoid-Ibzia feeling @ Amnesia.

With the summer on its end he gives a documentation of 2003 called 'The Sound Of The Fourth Season'. Released on his own label Cocoon Recordings. A two cd mix wich gives a complete new look at what techno can sound like.

As expected from the inspirator of techno, this cd has a clear message, a feeling something that Sven wants to give to the people. Therefore he doesn`t only represent the banging techno killers and fast skillfull mixing, wich you are used to on the dancefloor. Besides that he gives you beautiful loving songs wich speak to the heart..... but switched with techno killers.

Cd 1 Mon:

This cd is probably the most what you would expect from Sven Vath. Gradually building it up to harder levels this cd is mixed according the minimal principle.

Typical for his style is the way all the tracks work on your brain; it is almost as if Sven takes you on a 75 minute brainwave session. With tracks from Laurent Garniers and Carl Craigs 'tres demented ' demented (or just crazy)' (the title says it all) he draws you inside the music, giving you a bit more rest on 'Ada - arriba Amoeba'.

Ending in harmony but still a little confused I turn on cd 2' finally a bit of rest to my head!!

Cd 2 Day:

This is where the inspirator shows up and the morning Ibiza feeling comes in. The sun just showed her first smile.

Guitar strings, break beats and a warm feeling fill the cd with a pleasant mood. Arrived at track 3 'Easy Lee' by 'Ricardo Villalobos' brings more room for the 'broken beats'. And gradually the electric, steel like sounds come back, still remaining at ease.

To conclude:

Mon can be seen before the sun comes up, Day resembles after the sun came up till you go to bed.

In a world of techno were skillful 3 turntable plus effects mixing is almost becoming normal. Sven Vath uses his vision to complete a mix. He gives a progressive resemblance of the techno scene by mixing a wide variety of tracks.

If you don't have this one yet you should got out and listen! Be inspired!!
I have it for more than 2 months by now and it is brilliant indeed!

Smooth mixing like only the man himself, Mr. Sven Vath knows.
This album brought me right back to those pleasently joyful Cocoon nights @ Amnesia this year.

And speaking of favorite tunes from this album, mine was:
Funk D'Void - Emotional Content
And this is for a reason - Sven played it in the morning hours of this year's closing party which i attended myself.
heard it this past weekend- quality

but i was expecting more dance floor type music like the 3rd season but still good
a fantastic cd!!!
I really like it 8)
especially the "day" cd reflects the sound of the fabulous afterparty at s'estanyol!