sven vath @ space



:D hi y'all just got back from ibiza !!!!!!!!!!! well gutted that im home :cry: !! went to space closing party on 27th sept 02! gotta say sven vath kicked ass!! he was brilliant !!

does anyone know any of the tunes he played or is playing at the moment???? gracias!!

actually i haven't been there and i really envy you for that :x ....

anyway, here are some of the songs he has played very often this summer:

legowelt - discorout
alexander kowalski - speaker attack
technasia - acid storm
renato cohen - pontape
slam - stepback
underworld - 2 months off
sven vaeth -vision
koenig cylinders - 99.9 (selway remix)
josh wink - freak
speedy j - bugmod
john starlight - blood angels
chicks on speed - fashion rules (alter ego remix)
a number of names - shari vari (vitalic mix)

well, i hope this will help you....
these are great tracks anyway.... 8)

greets, poison ivy ;)
one of my friends managed to download a sven vath set from this year off the net.... im not sure where he got it but the its 80 mins
of the best techno that we heard at the cocoon nights .....

Ivy ... any idea when i can get a hold of these numbers that u have identified???
hey doddy!

you can download all these tracks from the internet....
try soulseek or kazaa!
i also got them from there...

and of course, there will be a "sound of the 3rd season" as well. this time mixed by sven and richie hawtin together ;)

the release date is the 28. 10.
yes ivy ..... roll on the 28th
if the 3rd is as near as the 1st and second we can expect a compilation of the best techno of 2002 ... and Hawtin is a plus also

ill try both those pages for downloading ..... thanks Ivy