Sven Vath mixes

Stu Hirst

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Can anyone point me towards any of his trippier techno mixes, i.e. not the mad crazy stuff, just the deeper sets, eg from Soulseek?
(if there are any).

Cheers !
Stu Hirst said:
not the mad crazy stuff
LOL!!! :lol:

I like his mad crazy sets most...

anyway, for the deeper ones check these out:
Sven Väth live @ HrXXL Clubnight 21.10.2000
Sven Väth live @ HrXXL Clubnight 11.10.2003
Sven Väth live @ Electronic Circus Köthen 23.12.2002
aint done a search on sven in a while. most of the HrXXL nights came in lots of different parts. If u find a whole set please pm me and let me know.