sven vat



Has anyone heard of or seen Sven Vath??? is he any good?? what kind of music does he spin?? Hes spinning at a club 2 hrs away and i wanted to see if he was worth the drive and effort....thanks for the help!
Hey there

He's surely worth the drive and even flight i would have to say

I heard him on 3/9/02 in Coocon @ Amnesia and he was incredible!

He usually plays techno, not the hardcore or minimalistic styles, but the one that makes your body never wanna stop to move


Have you never heard of one the greatest techno dj around, he is renowned as the best, and he lives up to this at coccoon night, this has been a major success in the thre years it has had, and is well worth a monday night, a much better alternative compared to manumission.

sven väth ruleZZZ!!!!!

don`t miss him!!!!!
it would be a big mistake.... not only that he is a fantastic dj, but he is a fascinating person as well!!! he has this special aura...
he can create an incredible atmosphere in the club, make you never wanna stop moving....
his sets will always take you to a journey.... it`s simply freaky...
he really is top of his league, he has also been around for a long time, and has djed nearly ever musical genre, wealth of knowledge of the music, this man has is incredible!!!!
get there. don't delay. leave now if you have to. he is sheer quality, if you like your techno.
Jeff Mills is way better, different class. Vath plays a very crap, boring style of techno. Cocoon is just full of people f*cked on drugs. completly overated.
wow calm down mate, i soppose u have been there then!!!!!!!
so how comes then jeff mills also plays at coccon.....
Robo said:
wow calm down mate, i soppose u have been there then!!!!!!!
so how comes then jeff mills also plays at coccon.....

Maybe Frankfurt, but not in Ibiza this year, saw him space myself this year and it woz excellent. oh and yes i've been in Cocoon Amnesia many times, am I qualified to speak about it now?

i never said you weren't qualified to speak, but i was mearly just arguing you point, there isn't a law against this is there......
if you had been listening to radio 1 2 weekends(2-4 am) ago you would have heard sven vath which was recorded from amnesia in early sept!

so ragin i didnt go know, cos the music was really class!!!

definitely next year
im affraid to say Mr Mills has lost his touch ED CASE
seen him a few back in glasgow and his mixing was way out....
used to think he was the best about but Vath takes that spot
now .... his sets get better evertime i see him and im not sure
what u mean by cocoon full of druggies ...anything but....

so bascically Mills is pish now and Vaths the man ok son!!!
saw mills last sat and i was extremely dissapointed. He did some very dodgy mixing and his choice of tunes just made the whole crowd wonder why. I.e take that - 'relight my fire', been to cocoon three times this year, ok so the techno may not be brillient, but the atmosphere that is created in there is absolutely incredible
oh no cocoon is full of happy, dancing people- druggies no..

cocoon in my honest opinion is the best club nite in eivissa :!: