Surgical Tubing, Latex Tubing?

Warren D

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I’m trying to find some surgical tubing. It looks like this stuff It has several uses apart from being used in hospitals. I need it to use as an exercise device to help sort out a dodgy shoulder (as recomended by physios everywhere). I also have some other aches and pains this would be useful for.
So anyway I’ve been looking in some of the ferreterias, two of the diving places in Cala Vedella and also in the farmacias in Ibiza town. I used the Google translator which told me it’s called “tubo quirúrgico” but I’ve been getting the feeling from the responses I’ve been getting that people down here don’t actually call it that.
I walk into a shop and ask for tubo quirúrgico. I am then asked what I want it for. Rather than try to explain what exactly I want it for (my Spanish is not good and I didn’t have a lot of time) I ask them again if they have it or not. They then tell me no they don’t have any and none can tell me where to get it (so why do they ask what I want it for because they are certainly not trying to be helpful?).
The last farmacia I went to today asked me why I wanted it. I had a feeling he didn’t have any but I reluctantly repeated my question about wether or not he had any. He said yes. So I asked if I could see it. He said I needed to tell him what I wanted it for. I demonstrated roughly what thickness I needed. He then asked me again what I needed it for. I told him what it was for and then he said he didn’t understand what I meant. I knew then that he didn’t actually have any and he was just being nosey so I thought I would waste his time seeing as he had wasted mine so I explained what it was for again and what size I needed. He said that farmacias in Spain don’t stock it. So I said but you told me earlier that you do have it. He then said he didn’t understand what I meant. It all got a little heated after that. It’s bad enough going around with a sore shoulder without people like that. Anyone would think I was in to trying to con drugs out of them or something.
So anyway, anyone know what they call it down here and where I might be able to get 10 metres of it?
I presume you want it for it`s elastic properties ? If so there is an alternative readily available on the Island, Pilau (and I have seen it in other Ferret`s round the Island) keep bungy cord on rolls in various sizes from about 4 mm to 10 mm, It`s used for building sail`s ( sun shades ) and boat covers etc, It`s usually by the rope`s and looks like smooth white rope,

Failing that, San Carlos Pharmacy is superb, very helpful and Christina speaks perfect English

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Sorry, Don`t know what they call it, Just seen it about in a few places, Awning shop`s would also keep it,

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OK so now I'm also looking out for awnings. I know where there's a shop in Sant Jordi sells them. Thanks, mate.
btw where are Pilau? Is that the one in Santa Eularia?
Pilau is on the Ibiza > Santa Eulalia road, about 3k`s out of Ibiza about 3/4 k up a lane on the right, look for the usual Ibiza standard sign half hidden in the hedge" servico`s Pilau" One of the biggest ferret`s here. Worth a trip to look round if you are into a bit of fixing things, got everything from a massive concrete drain to bungy cord ( which is over on the far left side, by the rope )
Beware ,they keep Spanish work time, Siesta is 1 - 3, The help desk do speak English and there are people about to help you, You just have to find the one`s that do speak English but there are a couple of very helpful English speaking ones.

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AHA! I am very sure I've seen that sign. I might nip over there this morning.
I am into fixing things or making things from scratch and I'm doing up the house that we bought recently plus I'm a builder so it's always useful to know of such places.
Fita is another reasonably large one on the road closer into Ibiza,

If it`s plumbing you are looking at, Thisa, There`s lot`s of little one`s all round the Island, But the big one in Ibiza has everything most plumbers merchants would have in UK and is more of a trade place.

Electrical bit`s , CB electrics, Ibiza or Can not remember the name but there is another sparky`s shop 150m down from CB, if CB don`t have it in stock.

As with the UK years ago, It is worth shopping around if you want to buy more than little bit,s
eg, Do not buy electrical cable from Pilau it is way pricey, But if the cable you do want is normal 3 core , 1.5mm flexible as found on roll type extension cable`s. It is cheeper to buy a 50 m extension, 4 socket, roll lead, Than it is to but the cable on it, (pilau about 50€, Fita €80 for the exact same thing).

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PS is Pilau`s web site