Supermarkets in San Antionio town


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Hi all im off to ibiza on the 31st of aug for a month i have been before but always ate out

This time we have an appartment so we will be wanting to cook to save a bit of cash

Anyone know the cheapest supermarket in San An?

Thanks all

well there all cheap as each other on different items.but when i used to go s/c in san.i used the supermaket on the corner of Vara De Ray street. Consum.and if you walk down to the square there is another good one on the corner.on the left handside.across from the bullbar.

see where palm trees are thats the square.look for estrella road.both are on the corners.
I went to see the bunny logo - lots of stuff, decent prices

HIPER CENTRO - Ctra. San Antonio, km. 3,700 - Ibiza
Superficie de venta en mº 2.400 - Pasillos de Cajas 10
HIPER CENTRO - Plaza España, - San Antonio
Superficie de venta en mº 500 - Pasillos de Cajas 3
HIPER CENTRO - C/ Extremadura - Ibiza
Superficie de venta en mº 1.000 - Pasillos de Cajas 5
HIPER CENTRO - C/ Ignacio Wallis - Ibiza
Superficie de venta en mº 250 - Pasillos de Cajas 2
HIPER CENTRO - C/ San Jaime - Sta. Eulalia
Superficie de venta en mº 200 - Pasillos de Cajas 2
HIPER CENTRO - C'an Eubarca - Sta. Eulalia
Superficie de venta en mº 350 - Pasillos de Cajas 2
Thanks everyone for the replys i bet i will still eat out alot as i wont be bothered to cook lol

But hopefully i will save cash this way
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If you have a car then drive up to Eroski Syp at Ses Païsses. Its just out of town a little way off the Ibiza-San Antonio highway.,+ses+Pa%C3%AFsses,+ibiza&fb=1&split=1&gl=es&ei=NHGVSsTfFsKnjAfm97GZAQ&sll=38.846893,1.419275&sspn=0.333304,0.275527&sig2=X2epTYnseeajEAzdtUhAeQ&cd=1&usq=eroski,&geocode=FdLXUgIdmOcTAA&cid=16284252450375744066&li=lmd

There´s also Suma in San Antonio in Calle de la Mar I think it´s called?.They have a fresh meat counter. There´s another one around the bay in Cala de Bou,&geocode=FWaXUgId7Y0TAA

An English butchers called "Peter the Butcher" also in Calle de la Mar.
don;t forget the outmarket where you can get fresh veg/fruit.i could cook you a sunday lunch.- the yorkshire pub.on two hot rings and a mirowave.
Don't cook - order out! Or patronize the restaurants and let others do it for you. Nothing like a nice full English made by someone else!