superfreak UPDATE - NEW venue!!


No longer active
some good news c/o Mr C

"In the absence of any interest from any existing clubs in London for my services, I'm starting Superfreq in a brand new venue in London Bridge & I'm switching to Saturdays. The venue has already been granted a 23 hour license so my night will run from 11pm until 9am. It'll be the 1st Saturday of each month from May 2. The new venue consists of 3 tunnels, all cube like in shape (400, 300 & 300 people in each) with high ceilings. 2 tunnels make up room 1 & the 3rd room 2. The middle tunnel will also have a VIP mezzanine. 1000 capacity. They're fixing it up now & the plans look great. They're putting in a function 1 system throughout. Name yet to be confirmed but they're thinking of calling it Cable. The shape & feel of the place are absolutely perfect for a slamming new venue. That's me sorted thank you very much & I've heard that other top players will be using the venue too. Also some of the nights from The End will be working with Ajay & Ryan who worked on the bookings & PR at The End on Friday nights at The Arches, also in London Bridge & allegedly, L&B are using yet another new spot in London bridge. Seems like London Bridge is the new Shoreditch but with proper clubs rather than glorified pubs."

:D about time too!!
im pictureing an interior similar to that of the Funky Buddah in Brighton ... only bigger, better and louder! ... sounds A-OK to me! :D