London is looking like summer!

Off to sit in Ally Pally park and read the paper!8)

thanks, just about to start laying yorkstone flags when mixer gets know those gardening jobs you wish you had never started!! :cry:
Sunny here too... and 4th day in a row above 10 C. :D

Unfortunately, that also means spring allergies now in full bloom :(
Noncing? You know what that means in the civilized world?*

*a.k.a. The South

actually its a term i picked up since living in the "civilised" world, previously I would have used the term "admiring" however my vocabulary has been somewhat infected since I left the wonders of the North.
I may take the can of lager that's in the fridge with me too!:p

Drinking in the park?

On your own?

just walked back from the usual Friday pub lunch and had to walk past 2 parks - gutted I had to carry on till I got to the office.... its gorgeous out there - EVEN in the NE!!! :lol::lol::lol:
Actually went to a nice pub for an outdoor lunch instead. Instead of the usual Eastenders cast in there, I was a the next table from actor Paul McGann. I'd imagine it was the highlight of his day:lol:

I bet he's telling his mates now "i saw that Buckley bloke today that used to dj @ up yer ronson"...........................:lol: