Will be staying in Playa D'en Bossa - can anyone recommend anywhere to watch the sunset around that way rather than heading over to San An and the sunset strip?
Ah, see? Learn something new.

I thought Platja des Codolar was over there next to the village of Es Codolar (which you pass on the road to Sa Caleta... has a hostel and annoying speed bumps in the road :lol:)

Edit: Turns out it's just a really long beach. Goes from Es Codolar, past the end of the airport runway, to Cap des Falco. 1.5 km long!
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No votes for sitting with the clapping dolphins at Mambo then ;)

Morbyd, your sig is fantastic for potential stalkers :D
A related question. Anyone know where I can find the sunrise/sunset times?

More specifically, when does the sunrise on the 23rd September?
Thank you for your reply but that only shows the sunset times. If anyone interested I just found this page but for international sunrise and sunset times. You'll need these details to get it working for Ibiza, just click the[FONT=Arial, Helvetica][/FONT] "custom sunrise and sunset calendar":

Longitude: 26.0 East
Latitude: 59.0 North
Time difference: GMT +1
Daylight Saving time: Europe

No other settings need changing