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Ive been to ibiza SO many times now - were planning another getaway in september. We like to stay around the sunset strip area......

Been to Sol Bahia Apartments- which were good but we didnt get a very good view. also the pool was mega crowded every day.

Also stayed at the catalina, and whilst it has no pool - we had a frontal sea view apartment and it was ace. 40 euros a night ....huge room.

We are going on our own this time, so itd be ace to have the pool etc so we could meet some drinking friends/couples.

What hotels would you recommend. Costa Mar apartments? anywhere near sunsea bar/golden buddha place etc etc.

I cant think of what hotels are there to save my life. Great pool atmosphere but not mega busy, nice people and sea views.... oh where to stay??

Thanks guys x
try looking at the blau park atps.right on the calo de moro beach.there are across from the costa mar.same area.the blau park is smart allround.use the homepage ok.there you can get maps of anywhere in ibiza.give you a idea where places are.
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Hotel Abrat, right between the costa mar and the blau parc, reasonable prices, brilliant views if you got a front pool view room (which in the last three times i have stayed there and asked for one I have always got). The prices are a bit steeper this year compared to last but its a great location (blau parc is very expensive by the way as its a four star hotel)

Other hotels in the vincinity are the gran sol, and sol bahia apartments next to the costa mar.

If you have a look on private rental sites you will find a cracking rental right on calo de moro beach next to the golden buddha up for rent. Also private rentals are available for apartments above cafe del mar and Mambo. (mambo ones are dead cheap as they have no aircon) all the downside of these is that they have no pool. I know of an aparment for rent above coastline which has a great pool and seaview but again the prices are a bit steep.

Pm me if you want any details.
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