Sunset Bars in the Day


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Kanya, Coastline and Mambo
Is it just me or did others find that when you walked past these bars in the day you get stared at like you have 2 head!? :eek:

People seemed to have a problem with you being there! Like you wernt cool enough or worthy of being there!! Ok so yes I didnt have on my burberry bikini, gucci shades and pointless seethrough sarond dlike the rest and I wasnt a size 10 with a fake tan but come on surely there doesnt need to be soooo many posers!!?? 8)

Savannah was sooo much nicer! as was cafe del mar - much to my surprise(after the slating it gets!)

Did I just pick a bad day!?

No offence to all the normal peeps that go there!!!!
Previous years when we have stayed in the Bay we have often sunbathed at Kanya and Coastline in the day, I really like both of them, I didn't go to them day or night this year so can't comment but never had any problems there and thought the crowd was good.
I stay in a private apartment above mambo and we sunbathe by cafe del mar in the day, it seemed ok, maybe's you dropped on a load of people on a come down or hungover!
Hmm it was always ok when i went down.

Me and my bf had lunch & drinks at mambo most days and the people seem realy nice n chilled 8)