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i'm in ibiza in early september and was wondering about the clubbing/party calender on this site that states the lineup for the 7th as follows:

Sundays @ Space - Bobby d Ambrosio
Groove Armada
DJ Sneak, Steve Lawler
Layo and Bushwacka!
DJ Sneak or Steve Lawler
James Zabiela
David Phillips


who is likely to be playing in the morning - and then the evening? are all the dj's on the list confirmed? Zabiela posts on the global underground forum which i use, so hopefully i'll get a reply from him.
also, just wondering why dj sneak and lawler are mentioned a couple of times.

cheers for any useful info :)

i cant wait to get back out to ibiza. havent been a couple for a couple of years. i miss that vibe soooooooo much.

anyway, at least theres 'Fabric' and filthy tech-house to keep me going until then :twisted:
hi harry,

the double listing is an oversight - will have to correct that ;-)

bobby dambrosia will play mornings on the terrace
groove armada will play mid afternoon terrace
dj sneak will probably be in between
steve lawler always plays terrace closing set

inside james zabiela usually plays the warm up set inside from 10 pm
layo and bushwacka should play from 1 am til 4 am
dave philipps will probably play closing set inside

as for aldrin, i don't know what style he plays so can't comment

hope this helps
I'm, at space that day, Groove amarda rock 8)

Just downloaded their essential mix from recently last night, quality.
the reason for the double - Sneak/Lawler bits was that Space have got Lawler doing 4 inside sets this summer- they hadn't confirmed which nights hence both their names there
Sundays @ Space - Bobby d Ambrosio
Groove Armada
DJ Sneak, Steve Lawler, Laurent Garnier,
Layo and Bushwacka!
James Zabiela
David Phillips

Laurent Garnier :eek:

is this a typo or is the man really gonna be there.....??????