Sundays @ Space terrace sound level?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???


John Milton

:evil: I have read something what really puts me off. Is it true that they reduced the sound level for the terrace on sundays beacause of some new regulations? So now it is more like a normal bar than a club. This would suck big time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any secure info on that? :evil:
No secure info but when we were there it was stupidly quiet and the only place that was going for it was right at the front by the dj booth.
You could easily hold a conversation on the steps at the back of the dance floor and at the front bar you could hardly hear anything.
The reason I think this is due to regulations is that every five mins I could see the promotor in a state adjusting the mixer levels....before each dj came on you could see him briefing them so I think they must have been warned or something.
The sound level creeped up and was back to normal in the evening though, and knowing about the 'hasta manana' attitude of the Spanish, I shouldn't think this rule will last very long!
Also it's just from one Sunday and so far I am the only person to bring it up on this board, don't worry too much.
Will post a reply when i get back - will be managing 2 trips to Space so I'll compare them both.
Am sure we'll get an idea of whats going on by then.
Leaving at end of the week. 8)
I didn't notice any difference, the sound is definitely a bit quieter around the edges since they brought in the speakers last year but didn't notice it particularly quiet at any point during the day/night.
I heard a rumour this was the last year for the terrace, because of new sound laws. Maybe outer Space won't happen next year, but the terrace will surely stay??