Sundays@ Space line ups?



Anyone got the line up's for sundays @ space? Who's on aug 18th? Do they plan that far in advance? 8)
you mean 17th.

Sundays @ Space / Space Birthday celebrations -

Steve Lawler,
Erick Morillo,
Jeff Mills,
Danny Howells,
David Phillips

looks awesome!!
Nice one. Looks like i've fell lucky with my holiday timing. Bet it's a bitch to get in though! 8)
No, you'll get in, it won't be any busier than Opening or Closing, just get there relatively early to avoid queues and you'll be fine :D
What would you recommend as "relatively early"? Just want to make it as easy as possible. :)
late afternoon is relatively early. late morning for the defmix parties is worth getting up for