Sundays@space 14th sept..


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We woke up to dark cloudy was a day for trousers and t-shirts.

after breakie about 1 ish we headed to bora bora then space about 2ish....we were really looking forward today, a classic line-up, and i was very excited about meeting peeps from the board.

once we were in space we got ourselves a beer, and sat down looking over the terrace, which to my amazement was already heaving! 2 hours later the atmospher was on full level and at 4 o´clock Johnathon Ulysess came on to a ruptourous applause. i have not seen this guy before, only heard some radio sets. - he was simply awesome! he played a collection of classics and upfront house tunes to an amazingly hot and mad packed space terrace! his air horn that he has always helps in raising the atmosphere! - one of the best sets yet! i knew i was gonna witness something special tonight!

5 o´clock came and as i looked around the dancefloor a very random bklonde girl was áving it on the stands to the sie of the dancefloor - yes it was babs! :p so over i went, abit relectant at first, but i said my prayers! and went over.

Upon my arrival i told her 3 or 4 times that i´m robo from spotlight and 3 or 4 times she looked at me blankly, and then few seconds later she realised who i was - that was it i was done for! :rolleyes: actually i lie it was a fairly civilized meet (and trace can back me up here) we chatted, and got on pretty - but the abuse still took place as tom left me and babs to got on with it :p

after dancing and talking to babs for about an hour i was hungry and needed reafreshment. so off to bora bora i trooped!...this place is going off this year!

7 o´clock - back to space for steve. he was playing his usual tribal drum fueled stuff for about an hour then this white guy with a ginger stepped into the dj box, i thought he looked like cosmos and babs thought he was a white derrick carter, and nath just said ´he was a white fat barstardo´ :p

so we danced to him, and was wickid, rocked the place beyond belief!. then some guy came over to babs and tom and started chatting for a couple of mins, he then went away again. anyway ten mins later babs taps me on the back and says that was james from spotlight (thanks babs - better late than never) :p

so off we trek around sapce for a guy we only by shirt colour. eventually we found him by the bar! :p :p Really nice bloke, and his lovely wife steph was also there. a lovely couple. so we stayed and chatted till 9.

Back on the dancefloor for some carter action only to be told by a very unhappy and angry babs and trace that carter had cancelled!! apparently he had a heavy night drinking in london the night before! lightweight! nath was out till midday and still made it to space!!! we were not happy!!!

phat phill carried on till 9:30 and he really was awesome! i hope he gets a proper slot next year! i can´t praise him enough!!

steve came on at 9:30 and was amazing as well, plñayed good house music - not to much of his tribal fueled stuff :p highlight for me was when he played robin s -show me love at the start of his set! bloody brilliant! :p

left at 12 very tired and very, very, very satisified! space is the best on the island! there is nowwhere else like it, when it goes off it REALLY goes off!!! - i never it could go off soo many times in one night!! :p :p :p

thanks to james and his wife, barbie, tom, trace, nath, for a very memrobale evening!! :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p

it will not be forgotten for a long time!!!
certainly second what robo said - a great night and so much fun meeting everyone - robo, barbie, nath and tracy - had a really nice time with them all - made it a very special evening on the terrace.

phat phil (no one knew who he was - we had to ask!) was wicked, and steve lawler has been on such top form this year- he never disappoints.

obviously realising that many people had come for derrick carter he played much housier than usual - highlight for me was music is the answer - get goospimples thining about it ;-)

was gagging to listen to tyrant inside too, so after quick break outside for fresh air and cheap beers :!: me and missus went inside determined to dance. hmmm

they started off very acid house and breakbeat, which was cool, but there wasn't as much flow to the set as, for instance, zabiela - maybe cos they really did back to back - once song each.

after a couple of hours the crowd were begging for a harder beat to dance to and suddenly craig richards dropped in such an evil bass line with this gorgeous melody on top - place went wild! but then they managed to stop the proceedings again with a dreadful mix and it took them a few songs to get back into it again.

the music they played was so wicked - loads of acid (haven't heard that much acid for years), twisted basslines and towards the end some truly memorable trance, but as the tunes got better, the mixing got worse, and there was simply no continuity. if you ask me lee burridge was a bit the worse for wear, as craig richards played much better - spot on mixing and wicked tracks. all in all everyone was left wanting just a little bit more - anyway that's how it seemed to us.

so we trooped off home at 3 ish and have suffered most of today ;-)
that's too bad about Tyrant...

They were probably knackered from thei usual marathon @ Fabric the night before. At least they showed after one unlike certain Alexander Coe ;)
great words guys. looks like we missed a good'un.

Is loud music sneaking into the space terrace as the season draws to a close?

It is no surprise to me that Ulysees was da daddy. he knows that terrace sooo well he can rock it like no-one else...

Tyrant = pah. they should have got steve lawler back on again 8)
i thought the music was okay and the sound system was really low.
but i did pull the girl of my dreams and had an absolute stormer of a night.
i love space
Had a wicked time :D

Del boy Carter - Lightweight! :evil:

Was great to meet everyone and dance the night away. Stayed until Lawler played his last tune (sweet dreams,obviously ;) ) and had a quick drink at Barbie n Toms then blagged a taxi with a bunch of scallys back home for much needed sleep before DC10!

I'd say the sound levels on the terrace were fine if you were in front of the main speakers on the dancefloor but if you were anywhere else you could hardly hear the tunes. The week before we couldnt get on the dancefloor and were to the side. When they turned the others speakers down at about 11ish you were struggling to hear the music properly.

The Funktion One system inside was fookin amazing though :D
...........Phat Phil Cooper rocked it at very short notice......was introduced to him at the bar later ..and he really appreciated it when i told him how well he did......saw Carter @ Pacha on Thursday...or did I ?...
scousejohn said:
...........Phat Phil Cooper rocked it at very short notice......was introduced to him at the bar later ..and he really appreciated it when i told him how well he did......saw Carter @ Pacha on Thursday...or did I ?...

You will of done, he was due to be playing.
Sounds like you had a wicked time...I'm only sorry I couldn't make it!

Aaah well...theres always next year...

i walked uparound 2pm and the freakin cops almost run me over in front of the door and proceed to search me. really bummed me out!! but they ended up just letting me go which with no huge hassle... the freakin terrace was so packed i said screw it...and I am glad i did as i experenced friggin some of the best sets i have heard this year in the main room. not sure who was on from about 3-6 but that was spectacular!

but... as much as last sunday rocked i know zabelia is gonna rock it 100times harder next sunday!!!!! that will be a day/night not to miss!