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this will be my 3rd time to Ibiza in september yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay :D but i have never been to Space (yet). Is it possible on the Sunday to come out (get hand stamped) and go to Bora Bora beach for a bit??. Dont fancy missing out on a whole days sunbathing. Sundays close at 12.30am dont they???
hiya, yeah they'll give you a wrist band allowing you to leave once. when you return they take it off you. but you can leave for as long as you like - ie if you wanna get a shower, eat, go to bora bora whatever. the terrace shuts at about 12.30am but then the inside is open til 6am
have a top time - Sunday at space is one of the best clubs i've ever been to!
mambobirdette said:
Sundays close at 12.30am dont they???

No, it is open from 8am to 6am the following morning (but may stay open a little later than that the closing tiem seems a little more relaxed this year)
make sure you are back on the terrace as night falls though, thats when the magic starts !