Sundays at Space - Help!


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I am flying out tomorrow night and will be going to Space on Sunday. I need to know if you still get a free pass out with your ticket for the 22 hr session. I was there Aug 98 and I remeber that you could leave and come back in.

I need to know this as my boyfriend is diabetic and will need an evening meal and his insulin. We want to go during the day and come back at night.

Please can anyone advise me?

yeah, no prob with pass out. you can only leave&return once though.
be sure you dont get the super cheap entrance (about 15euro) before 10am though. this does not get you a pass out.

Cheers mate! i sent an email to Space and they didn't come back, I sent it again and asked if they could reply this time..The just said "no sorry". I don't think they read the 1st email and they didn't know what I was on about!
Won't be going early in the am, probably about 11am to 5pm back about 8pm...