sundays at space closing party / flights / accomodation HELP


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ok ive just got back for ibiza, and wanna go back for the closing parties

sundays at space closing party. (21st Sept)

My birthday is that sunday

I wanna fly out 19th sept and return on 22nd sept ..pref (manchester, birmingham, east midlands)

Any ideas where the best plac eto go for cheap flights like that


what is the best thing to do about accomodation, cheapest etc.

i dont wnan spend much on flights/accomodation cos ill need my money for tickets etc
Hey Lee, we have the same interests. I have a modified VW Corrado, and just got back from Ibiza, lol. Cheers!
leedrummond said:
well ive found an even better deal £195 return flight manchester, and accomodation £9 per night bed and breakfast.

wheres that accomodation lee?