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a little
told me that the club summum will open for new years eve :!:

maybe mr biffy, mr cheers or mr strikers can confirm? :rolleyes:

Ibiza-girlie said:
what djs do they have? saw them listed but never went.

"Smaller discoclub with big sounds, great decor and changing programmes from top DJ's and live concerts. A great place to party. One of the first to bring UK Garage and R 'n' B to Ibiza. Parties this year include the popular Charlie's Angelz."
Ibiza-girlie said:
where lies this Summum

next time you go to kumharas keep your eyes open and you will see it at your right!! :p

Robo said:
"Parties this year include the popular Charlie's Angelz"

wrong information!! :spank:

they were at:

2001 - summum
2002 - summum and play 2
2003 - play 2

In the early 90's this was on the major club circuit at a time when every club only really had 1 busy night a week. These days it can't compete when there are 3-4 places to go every night.