Summer Takeover

liam azar

Just some advice for those deciding whether or not to go with summer Takeover.

There are only a few positives which include meeting new people and making it easier rather than going alone. There is also the fact they provide you with accommodation for the first month and receive some workers bands. If you choose to go with this company be prepared to do it on your own or form a group with the people you have met and help each other out.

Other than that, this company is a scam and are just in it for the money. Rather than having a limit of people they accept anyone which as you know, the more people the harder it will be to find jobs and accommodation after. I chose this company as I didn't want to go out on my own and being from Australia it is a very long way. In Ibiza they stated it to be as cheap as 299 pounds but as soon as you booked that instantly when up to 599 pounds. For that price the accommodation is fairly average and regardless of how many people you are staying with, the price does not change.

Many people had their doubts with this company but wanted to experience it for themselves. They say they have experienced reps which is a lie considering you don't see them after two days and they don't reply to messages. In my situation apparently a few of the reps got fired but none of us were told, we only heard through people, which made it harder to reach out for help. They also say they 'guarantee job trials' which none of us were taken on. They are also supposed to help you with further accommodation after the month but that did not happen. This left many people in an awkward situation, meaning those who wanted to stay for longer had to go home as they could not find anywhere to stay.

They had also organised a boat party which you had to pay and got cancelled without letting anyone know. When arriving they offer you a package of places to go which costs 119 euro and you could get into majority of the places for free or under 20 euro. When arriving at the apartment you also have to pay an extra 159 euro which includes a rep fee (Pointless as they did not help) and deposit as well as tax which none of us were told about. One room mate had given 170 euro and the rep tried to argue he had not given him that amount as he asked for his change back.