Summer Heights High

Dan x

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Has anyone else seen this!? The wife put us on to it a few days back and I'm hooked!

Funniest thing I've seen for ages!:D
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yeah this is good, like the dance teacher, everything all about him and the girl from the private school, made me cringe when she went mad at her year 7 boyfriend :lol:
I stumbled upon this show on HBO last weekend and watched all the episodes back to funny! It actually took me awhile to realize that was the same dude playing those characters. Ja'mie and her "slutty public school friends" is freakin hilarious!
good old aussie pisstakes!:lol::lol::lol:
caused a little bit of controversy over here with the whole 'e' song&dance..... !! hehe
defo a great show....!
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