Summer choon


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What tune of 2003 will remind you most of Ibiza or for the unfortunate lot who didn't visit The Whiet Isle, tune for the summer in good old Blighty?
Forget Pete Tong, credit for that one goes to John Constantine at Coastline/Sunsea.

He was involved with it, at the start of the season there were only 7 copies on the island.
I hate that tune, it's so cheesy!

I've got it on a white too :oops:
jonesy said:
Biggest tune for me was Time or Put em high by Stonebridge coming out on Hed kandi

Wer you at El divino when it was sang live? Brilliant!!!
David Guetta - Just a little more love (Wally Lopez mix).

This shaded it for me over 7 nation deluxe on white. They will forever remind me of my 2003 Ibiza trip.