Summer 2004



Anyone out there lookin to work in Ibiza 2004? Went out there for a fortnight in 2001 and vowed to go back for much longer. Its my last chance before starting uni, and am well up for it!
So if anyone's in the same boat as me and wants to be a travel buddy let me know,
cheers, Nat (19) ;)
:D hiya nat, i wil be travelling to Ibiza in 2004 in august what date r u looking to party there. Gavin (22)
Hi Gavin,
Any time from mid-july onwards really. I did want to work but it seems a little late in the season. What do u think? What kinda music are u in2? My email address is

Natx :p
hiya nat
you should try and get a few mates to go with you for a lethal holiday. me and a few mates are heading over on the 16 of august for 2 weeks. its gonn abe powerful. 14 nights of pure madness. :eek: :lol:

house and hard house music is the best.
the best house tune of all time has to be two fat guitars by direct . pump'n

my email is
HI YA NAT !!!! :D

i am working out there next season, hopefully from the end of april right through to september october time, and after that who knows, could end up island hopping for the winter, and then hopefully back to the white isle 2005 for another mental season haha!!!!. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
Working in Ibiza summer 2004 - looking for flat mates!

Hiya guys and gals, im going out to Ibiza after my exams in mid june. Am looking for people to share accommodation with and clubbing partners. (Am also looking for a job out there but that is a minor point!). Will be staying out there till end of september.

Drop me an email -

we'll be 4 americans there from july 19th for about a week. i missed going last year, so this year should twice as crazy.