Summer 2004


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Not long back from Ibiza and i loved it, just gutted to be back in rainy Scotland! To cure the post holidays blues i am think of going over next summer and working for the whole season (mid may to mid september).

The only thing is i am planning to go solo :confused: as if i rely on my mates to go then they will pull out at the last moment!!!

Just wondering if anyone has went solo before and if so if they have any tips or horror stories???

Also if anyone else is planning to go solo next year drop mean email.

Kris :D
I met loads of people who went out all summer on their own when I was there. Go for it, it’s impossible not to meet people and make new friends. :D
Hey Kris

I too am planning on doing the full season in Ibiza next year also travelling by myself. I am 22 Aussie whose been in London for almost a year now and have just had enough am missing my daily dose of the sun surf and sea! A girl I work with also did a season in Ibiza - she was there on holidays and ended up staying for the full 4 months!!

Would be so grateful for any advice on how to go about getting a job, if you need experience to work in bars/clubs etc. or just any advice!

:lol: Mandy :lol:
Working Clubbing and Living in Ibiza summer 2004!

Hiya Kris and All

Im also looking to go it alone because i cant rely on my friends and finding a friend who would commit to that length of time over there would be a miracle!

Im a 19yr old female student just about to start my second year at Bath uni. Will be looking to go out after my June exams, so basically from mid-June onwards. So if you are looking for a living/working/clubbing partner, please contact me.

Im lookin for flatmate(s) next year. think it might to to early to post something as of yet, But just to let yous know im interested in sharing.
im out there too,have done the season in 2002 so know what to expect,as nish says, its a bit early to sort anything out so maybe closer the time we can sort out places to stay.
what / who dya work for in 2002 Nitefly? (sure u told me before but my memory's a bit scatty!)
Me too! Am up for arranging something closer to the time. I'm off travelling for a year from October, so won't be on the board as much as I have been to date, don't forget about me while I'm gone!!!
I am thinking to go to Ibiza alone next summer. Went with a friend this year, it wasn´t the same as would be there alone.
I know, my fault. But as I´d said I was there alone so I couldn´t do anything I wanted I had to pay respect to my friend as well.

I´ll try to do all my best to go to Ibiza next summer, so I can finelly meet my .... favourite brother!!! (remember it will be my birthday!) ;) ;) ;)