Sugarshack 10th Birthday


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10th Birthday line up has just been announced.

Fri 17th Oct: 10th Birthday Part 1.

DERRICK CARTER 4 hour set.

Fri 24th Oct: 10th Birthday Part 2.

PAUL VAN DYK 4 hour set.

How Good? For us shack regulars that is going to be one hell of a week. I can't wait even though I've got my Ibiza trip to look forward to first!!!
i'll be at both no doubts about it - especially paul van dyk - can't wait for that!!!!!

that club deserves someone like him playing every week..............

i reckon some of you lot off this board should get yourself to middlesbrough for one of the events just to see what the place is like.............. its a converted old theatre - an unbelieveable venue!!!
It certainly is a corking place on a friday night. Its a good clubbing weekend around the Boro. Sugarshack on Friday night, Club M @ Tall Trees on a saturday night. 2 of the best venues in the country.
10th birthday already?! Ive been going to the Sugarshack for longer than I thought! Although I dont go as often as I used to (most weekends religiously ;) ) but I keep going back, feel like it is a bit of a home to me!

Derrick Carter defo! :D C ya all there