Sugar Sea! Tell Me More....


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What´s the menu like?

It it expensive?

Do they have a homepage?

Do they make great cocktails (Cuz Savannah - my favourite - make awful daquiries, and that´s a damn shame!)

Tell me more please!
Kisses from your Ibiza-Girlie!
Hi girlie!!

Sugar Sea have a great menu. I think I had the Argentinian Beef last year and it was bootiful. Not too expensive either - perhaps just a few Euros more than Savannah but it won't break the bank. A good variety as well + u have to walk through the kitchen to get to the bogs! (Don't worry - it's all very stylish!)

Seem to remember having free canapes as well at one point, but that may have been the opening night!

Nice atmos there, GREAT tunes - they play a lot of class disco stuff, and very good cocktails.

The only thing is that you get that music spill from Savannah, so it's like listening to 2 tracks at the same time!