Subliminal Sessions Vol.4

The second cd rules. mixed by who da funk it's a proper tasty electro mix, quite hard and a bit squelchy. the first cd (jose nunez) is a bit soft for my likin but if you like your house blended and sweet you will love it.
checked it out in hmv

okay i have herd better, i would ahve to buy see if it grows on me
What planet ???

Please dont assume I dont know what I am talking about as I have been going out and buying music for the last 13 years and if there is one thing I could bore you for hours about it is the production and quality of various forms of house music. :D
just cos you have been buying music for 13 years dosen't necessarily mean you know everything about music........

you might well do, but i'm juist saying...
sorry comin at ya but to write someting off with a dismissive 'cheesy house' and then refuse to engage in debate of any kind whatsoever seems a little small minded to me
I didnt say I knew everything.

And I will happily debate all day. :D

I could start of by saying that the Subliminal stuff these days is totally different sound to when the label was first launched. The stuff Morillo used to produce in the mid 90's on Strictly Rhythm e.t.c. was totally different.

He's gone down the same route as Roger Sanchez who again played and produced a totally different sound to what he does now. I'm not slagging them because obviously they are doing well for themselves.

But what I meant when I said 'cheesy' was commercial.

To see what I mean listen to some King St releases and you probably wouldnt be able to tell the difference between an early 90's release and a current release.

Its the same thing when DJ's go in and out of fashion. The talented ones always stay the distance as at the end of the day - lets face - anyone can mix two records together after a small amount of practice.
I have been into Morillo for years and years and yes his sound has changed but everything evolves. IMO the Subliminal sound still rocks, ok the Jose Nunez mix might be a bit samey for some but the Who Da Funk CD is the absolute bollox.
OK ! OK ! You lot like your subliminal stuff. I'm out numbered. !!

And I shouldnt preach really !!

One thing I must say though is you have got to admit that in no way can 'Shiny Disco Balls' be described as anything other than cheesy house.

I will shut up now !! :D
no need to shut up mate. your comments are as valid as mine etc etc.

as for shiny disco balls being commercial. i know, but i still like it.
comin at ya, i think that you and the subliminal boys need to get a room. ;)
This isn't the first time i've heard you're argument about subliminal being cheesy and going down the commercial route. You said that their music is so much different from 10 years ago.........OF COURSE IT IS. A decade of music is going to be very different in style. Now the real argument is that have they followed the fashion or have they forged a style.
I reckon the latter, but every1 has they're opinion.
oh by the way....
i like shiny disco balls too :D :D :D :D :D
I was going to buy it as have subliminal sessions 3, but it just seemed there were so many repeated tracks on it or tracks that I already have on other stuff. Not many new tunes. They did to be a bit more original I think. But I'm sure it's very good!