Subliminal Opening



Herd a rumour that Harry Choo Choo will be playing with Robert Owens as well as Eric Morillo! Anybody herd likewise? :D
Thought u might have known. Dont know whether to go to subliminal or underwater opening party. Being a bit feeble dont think ill be able to make both.
If it helps, saw the Underwater night in Miami and it sucked. And saw Emerson @ The End a couple of weeks ago and it double-sucked. Me thinks (risking getting a kicking here) that Snr. Emerson may be slightly out of touch this year coz he kept putting on duff tracks and losing the momentum - or maybe in my old age I don't appreciate good soundz any more. When do I get my free bus-pass?

Last summer my best night was had at Underwater/Subliminal with Darren Emerson, Tim Deluxe, a live sax player, and the diva who sings 'it just wouldn't do' -- now that party was off da hook. It will be interesting to see what happens this summer when Underwater & Subliminal are split up. I'm still planning on checking out both nights to make the Pacha sandwich :)
I went to the Underwater/Subliminal opening party last year and it rocked. I agree that it will definitely be interesting to see how the parties fare on their own. Hopefully I will be able to go the magical isle this year.