i found this cd today lying around at uni don't know if it was a freebie or not, but i really like it. real techy house with a bit of breakbeat,

stompaphunk- 'dance laugh dance'

anyone any info on this label, is it rated? it's mixed by void, resident of the funky buddha lounge. there is a f***ing cracking track thats right up my alley, no.8, 'smooth to touch'- ben burns and void. atmospheric start then really soulfull string section, then a fantastic synthesied techy blast, then both together with cool percusive bell noise in the background.

the rest of the album is magic as well, really different to what i have been listening to recently, my only gripe is that it's too short, 47 minutes- 10 tracks. list-

1 sirenz- missing time
2 intro- featuring mike derby
3 come on- serge santiago
4 the crowd seems to...- (noise 'em up void mix)
5 re tech- blackjaxx ben burns and void
6 the crowd seems to...- (burns move right mix
7 i like 2 funk- blackjaxx, ben burns and void (jackinacidiscotech mix)
8 smooth to touch- ben burns and void
9 nu skool disco- missing time
10 scientist- secret cm