Still having problems posting


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At my new work. Comes up with 'debug mode' and this is the only message board this occurs on.

Any ideas???
kitten's head said:
...otherwise I'll have to get some work done tomorrow :eek:

ooooooh no dont do it, i had to work today (hence away from forum all day!) and it was possibly the worst day i've had at work in a long long time

quick mods do something :!: :D
kitten's head said:
I have the office to myself tomorrow as well! ;)

well that settles it then, you must must must sort this out as if your own in the office can't possibly do work

may i suggest that if this site doens't work out for you, pub white wine ? will that do? :D :p
I can't log into spotlight on my computer at home and I think its to do with the version of browser (e.g. netscape or internet exporer) that I have. Maybe you need to download an up-to-date version.