Steve Lawler- lights out cd


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been reading some good reviews about this cd, was just wondering if i would be able to pick it up for Virgin? or would I have to order it online?

also, is it knew?
its a fantastic cd

been out for about 10 months now

Lights Out 2 will be released soon but its worth getting the first one, most of the tunes are fairly recent.

Note: If you get Lights Out 1 and have a file-sharing program like KaZaa or soulseek - look for the 3rd disc of it.

Global Underground only released 2 of lawlers 3 disc mix

he passed it to a friend who has made it avaliable on the net
didn't know about that third disc....if it is 1/2 as good as the first two, then it is definately worth a look.
Hmmmm, its alright - quite dark and prog.

Sure it will grow on me.

I can appreciate the quality though.