Steve Lawler......brlliant!

Love Groover

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Was chattin to a mate of mine the other day and was tellin how can't wait to see Lawler on the terrace again at space, and he said he saw him in London a couple of years ago and he was just dead proggy and boring. I'm tryin to convince him that on the terrace at space it is just quality house music (not proggy) !!

Its weird isn't it how he has this perception of him and i have a totally diff one!

Was reading somewhere, maybe mixmag?, and Lawler was sayin how he likes to finish his set with a non dance tune or an old one. He said he might/has played Sister Sledge- We are family on the terrace at space! The guy is a genious!

So looking forward to seein him and Morillo rock the terrace on spaces birthday!

He often finishes with Sweet Dreams (did last week)

Laso been known to drop Man with the Red face, Lucky Man by the Verve, and Club Trop (altho the little gimp tries to deny this!!)