Stereo In a Suitcase?



I'm planning on taking a stereo with me for my villa, I haven't got a carry one so I need to stick it in my suitcase - Is that likely to be a problem (ie. Do you have to take it as hand luggage?)

Quick response would be good as I will have to leave the forum at 5pm tonight and won't be able to access again before I go to ibiza

Suitcase is fine, we often puts our in suitcase, just for breaking purposes prob safer in hand luggage tho.

Enjoy, hope to catch up with you next wk and have a fab 30th :D

Cool, will lob it in my suitcase

It's my old stereo (seperate speakers etc..), CD player don't work, nor does tape deck but I'm using the aux input with my personal minidisc.

this way I'll just leave it out in Ibiza so I'll have room for booze n fags in my case for the way home.

I'll be posting a goodbye thang in a bit, but thanks Babs I'm sure I'll have a blinder next thursday!

It will be known as Toffer and Ruth's birthday aka The day of the sock! (can't wait to hook up with the fellow spotlighters, should be fun)
ok in a suitecase but the way those luggage handlers chuck your bags around i wouldn't say tis the best idea!

i would reccomment carrying or handluggage!!
Is it the norm. for people to listen to stereos on the beach in the day????? or is it better just to chill at a bar??? and will I have to carry it on the plane instead of my bag???
not the norm for people to have stereo's on the beach, the stereo is more for u in your appartment where you stay

and not you can have your stereo plus a hand luggage
well i think :rolleyes:
please, when and if!! you listen to your stereo on a beach please take the into account the consideration of other people...

:lol: :lol:
nicely worded - or the alternative may be to have it thrown in the sea, not so nicely worded but I have seen it done - respect other peoples desire for peace.
Seen that done too Tony - they were a bunch of idiots anyway - no respect for anyone else so this guy marched up n chucked the thing into the pool - had to laugh... that was in Mallorca though
addicted2ibiza said:
Sorry all! Didnt mean to offend! Ill keep it strictly for the apartments then! Thanks guys!!!!

you haven't offended anyway one...well maybe tony!! :lol: :lol: