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Hi!to all
just want to make some advert 4 progressive/tribal house :D
this kind of house kicks ass!
the underground sound of madrid
listen to track 1,3,4,8,9 ...
the house album by pedro del moral... bought @ (also w lopez presents weekends,dj chus:this is iberican sound part 2,balearic people by seb gamboa....)

they rock!!!progressive/tribal House rules! 8)
Dr kucho rocks (his production coz saw him djaying a few weeks ago :confused: )
chus is handsome,saw him djaying last week, :confused: was a little bit disappointed 4 his mix (a few iberican track & not the best..)
the undeground sound of madrid & house album R the best cds i got these last day(got all the defected cds released this year but can't compare to these cd above,soulheaven l l vega :confused: a little bit boring,space ibiza dance,disco kandi 05 :confused: 1 side too funky the other a little bit commercial)