Stephen Wiltshire / Rain Man / Savant Autism


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Watched rain man again the other night and was looking up about it a bit more as you do on wiki and imdb.

reminded myself of the documentary i'd watched a while ago about stephen wiltshire, a british guy with autism with the most unbelievable photographic memory and artistic skill.

he is able to draw fine detailed, accurate drawings after having seen a place only once. his best known works are large canvas cityscapes (10m wide) of london, rome, new york, etc, etc after only seeing the city for 10 or 15 minutes. (in the rome one, the detail was accurate that he had the exact number of columns that the pantheon actually has

as i've just moved house and was looking for some new york art, i've decided to buy some prints of his and thought i'd share. amazing guy.
I remember that documentary. He drew the houses of parliament entirely from memory if I remember correctly (no pun intended).

Amazing guy...