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I'll be there in five days - any chance of you doing something about the lousy weather forecast? I shall be bringing my thermals and wellies if it doesn't improve
stephen said:
aren't you sick of living in a sub tropical climate?
I'll have you know it's mid-winter here, only 8C today with a howling gale and rain forecast and I'm on antibiotics to try to get rid of the flu before I arrive to what I hoped would be good weather, though not according to the forecasts.
well we've had some glorious rain today. it didn't put the wife off our shopping trip all round town, and then round again this morning! and it gets better - the mother-in-law is coming round tonight for dinner!

talk about a wet weekend!

hasta la vista
stephen said:
well we've had some glorious rain today

yeah but yesterday lots of us were on the beach (!! :eek:

one day is sunny..........


and the next day is raining!! :evil:


hopefully we are off to the beach again tomorrow!! :p