Stephen - Cut Throat Razors etc


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You wrote a while ago about the joys of having a cut throat shave. You were going to let us know where to sample the joys??

Have ya remembered, as I am keen to try it out.

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i was out in the west end last night with my aged parents and remembered this post, so i went to look for

Paco the barber on carrer del progres (i'd had a few in los gatos when i committed the address to memory)

where you can get a really good shave ( and the local guys get a free back shave with every haircut )

i've been many times, it's near rias biaxas.

most barbers in Ibiza will do a traditional shave - just look for loads of old guys sitting around gabbing!
stephen said:
i'd had a few in los gatos when i committed the address to memory

classy!! :lol:

it's great. they have photographs of san an fc in the 70's and paintings of loads of cats playing snooker.
i just thought..... wouldn't it be great if there was somebody who would put petrol in your car for you!

how good would that be?