staying for the season and working.........CLUELESS!!


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I was in Ibiza for the first time this summer and I loved it....i wanted to stay!

I've been thinking about working there next summer!
How do you work over there for the whole summer? do you just stay in a cheap hotel and look around for jobs or do u get a group and share appartments and do it that way? any info would be great i have no idea how to go about it!! and im only 18....

thanks :D
im 18, from Scotland (edinburgh) and at uni!! not sure if my mates would join me over there!! is it normal to go over alone?! how do u spend ur free time if your over there alone?!

anyone else from scotland going over for the season? (summer 04)
i found an aprtment on when i went back in 2002 then found a job while there,any 1 who says its impossible to find a job late in the season is lying cos there is always people dropping out of jobs most workers go for the whole season may to september,save up some dosh tho cos while most clubs are free entry to workers you can still end up spending a lot of money pm me for any more details im still 50/50 on whether to go out again this season.
Hey Jamie,

Im from Scotland to and thinking bout going out there next year to work, if a job doesnt turn out like it should,

pm me if you want
are most bar jobs 6 or 7 days a week?? how many hours a day?

if i took over my record box and annoyed a few bars would it be easy enough to get some small bar/club djing? or maybe in amnesia ;)
Most bar jobs are 6 or 7 nights a week. I was lucky and had one night off a week... and I chose tuesdays for Garlands :)
The hours are a bit different...a few of my friends worked 7 nights a week about 10 or 11 hours a night... But I only worked 6 a night...
so it's kinda hard to go clubbing alot if your in bar work?
and about going alone? do alot of people do it?
I think there are quite a few people going alone... I'm fortunate enough to have friends as crazy as me though :)
If you have a bar job it can be difficult to find time for clubbing...but bare in mind that the best clubs are the daytime clubs ;) Space and DC10...
jamiedunn said:
so it's kinda hard to go clubbing alot if your in bar work?
and about going alone? do alot of people do it?

there is a load of people out there on your own i spent a week on my own before a mate come out unexpectadly,dont worry you will meet loads of people.
thats alrie then :lol:

how long does all the hassle with getting the paperwork to work abroad take?

And where's the best places to work?

i'm guessing that its impossible to get work in the big clubs?
The IMEI number you get from the have to get to the police station early in the morning...they start letting people in at 9 I think and only the first 40 in line get to come in. It then takes a week and you can go and pick your papers up...
Some bars and stuff don't require you to have an IMEI number....loads of them have illegal workers...

Jobs in big clubs are harder to get...but not impossible... I think most of them require you to know spanish though...
is the easiest place to get work in the west end then?
it doesnt look like a fun place to work haha

where are (or where have ) you all working next season?

whats an average weekly pay?
watch out if your flyering sometimes the sunsets strip bars will sort out the paper work for you and give you a license but if not they send you out without a licence,you wont get fined but the bar will just be careful of the police they are bastards.
I got about 200 euros a week... for 6 I was alright... You can't really go to Ibiza expecting to make have enough to survive...but it's fun!! I enjoy living like that...
Summer jos

I hope to head out again this yr, but work this time!!

Wouldn't really be lookin to make money, just think it would be an experience!!

Fcukin love the place! :)
Not expecting to make any money, couldn't care less if i'm havin a great time. If your as bored as me in a 9-5 job then money don't matter!