States to Ibiza... Any reccommendations?



I am in the states and looking to make a trip to Ibiza. Wondering if anyone has done it recently that can help me out. Flights, hotels, clubs, etc... I was checking out package deals... Just looking for some help! I appreciate it!

Just out of interest, how much were you quoted for package trips and what did it include, not include.
Im not too sure about flights but would guess you would have to fly via Madrid or Barcelona.
Righty-o. I've done it two ways. Last year, spent a week in London, messing about, doing last minute bookings to Barcelona. In Barcelona, messed about for a few days and did last minute booking on a ferry to Ibiza. Went in August (HIGHHHHH season). Paid loads, had a really inconveniently located (albeit posh) hotel.
This year, doing it muuuch cheaper. Flying to Manchester. Booked that flight on our own thru BMI. Then, got in touch with travel agent friend in England and booked a package holiday with her from Manchester to Ibiza. Wicked cheap. (Relatively speaking; the whole England - Ibiza thing, with airfare & accomodation for a week is less than $500/person) Even travel agents in the US discouraged us from booking any Ibiza holidays here, as they will be loads cheaper in & from Europe.

Just another word of advice... While August is the month that ev'rybody goes, it's also the most expensive, especially for Americans, as we're paying peak fares for flights to Europe plus peak rates once you're there. We're going late June, early July this year and saving about $250/person just on the flight to Manchester alone.
Note also -- we're staying in Playa d'en Bossa this year, and our friend travel agent told us that it'd be even cheaper if we wanted to stay in San An -- but that choice is entirely yours.
Package Deal I found...

I found a package deal for $1,395 through "Bring it on" and that includes the flight, hotel, and dinner and breakfast for 8 days and 7 nights. Seemed like a good deal when the flight to Ibiza alone was $1,150... What do you all think?
That might not be so bad... The only way you'd possibly be able to do it cheaper is going with others to split the accommodation...
But that looks like an average price. Where are they putting you up? Do they tell you the hotel or location?

They're putting us up in the Hotel Mare. At that price... You can get better hotels for more $ but hell, it's just a place to lay my head for a few hours between sessions!
i went last year through bring it on and stayed at the mare nostrum as well....i agree that the hotel is just a place to rest your head, but i would pay the extra couple of hundred and stay at the garbi (thats what i'm doing this year through bring it on), mare nostrum was very family oriented.... there are cheaper ways to go, but i found it easier and more convienient to book through the way whatever price that they quote you is for the low season, expect to pay a little more in july or august
Great Advice

Hey man thanks for that advice on the Hotel! I appreciate that!
hey unceekup- where are you? I'm in Raleigh. I'm going mid July- making all my own arrangements. The bringiton package is for a room with no AC- if you're okay with that and haven't done a lot of travel reservations abroad, I'd say go for it.