start of september v end of september?


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when do all the closing parties kick off? i know they're sort of spread out but which end of the month has a higher concentration of them? also is it still busy towards the end of sept and is there still a good vibe after the summer draws to a close or is everyone tired and pissed off? also does the weather vary alot between the month?
Okay so is it the same or similar time for every year because it's next year i'm intending to go.
It changes from year to year.

Some of those nights might not be there next year - or at different clubs...
oh. i just want to get an idea of the best time to hit the closing parties, would say from around 13th september onwards would be a good time or a bit later/earlier?
start of September is a ghost town, do end of September no doubt!
speaking from vast experience of being at both periods of time.