In the week or so I've been offline, all at The Orange Tree in London's leafy Totteridge:

One of the McGann brothers, not sure which one it was.
Richard and Judy. Poor old girl looks shot to pieces!
Paul (brother of Johnathon) Ross.

(On different days, not together!)
Gary Lineker at service station on the M40 (who I would have totally accosted had he not been with his daughter)

And today... Geoff Capes in my local McDonalds
I heard Ferd met Eusebio in SA yesterday 8)

I spotted Terry Venables leaving a beach bar here last weekend, still sporting his goaty. (he spends most his time here when not working)

I also spotted Tony Robinson (Blackadder and time team fame) at the recycling bins a couple weeks back. Again like Tel, he spends alot of time here. He fell in live with the area after doing a time team dig.